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Finding a good quality assisted living facility is not easy. Elderly Care Services is here to help in finding your parents a fun welcoming environment to live in.

We are an unbiased source for Elderly Care, weeding through the marketing hype to what really matters.

Important Facts

When choosing an elderly care facility you want to be aware of industry marketing gimmicks ahead of time. We will go over these in the following pages of the site.

09/21/2007 - Quality Care
The term "quality care" is thrown around often but what do assisted living facilities mean by this? Quality Care is often times describing how many care workers there are in ratio to residents at a given shift. Problems can quickly arise.

Source - Texas Quality of Care Law

05/03/2007-Assisted Living Fun Activities
A good assisted living facility will have an activities director who really cares about the elderly and devotes time energy and thought into each activity.