Nationwide call to Atria Senior Living to improve

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Nationwide ad campaign exposing Atria

Atria Exposed

A nationwide ad campaign has been published and is now in several states throughout the nation. The problem with Atria has to do with their corporate policies to save money. Sure they add needed profit to the bottom line as does every business but they take from the elderly needs rather then luxuries.

Here are a number of Atria Willow Parks failings

Here are a few of the problems brought down to each and every Atria to lower level management from the top:

Insufficient staffing

Dangerous medication errors

Residents who have wandered away (one has died because of this in another Atria facility)

Bad food and inadequate food choices

Inadequate response to emergencies


Tyler Texas Assisted Living Facilities

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These are type B Assisted Living Facilities in the Tyler Texas area.

You may click on a link below to read about each facilities complaints and substantiated complaints as well as the details on these complaints.

Atria Copeland
5317 New Copeland Rd
Tyler 75703
Azalea Trails Assisted Living And Memory Care Community
5550 Old Jacksonville HWY
Tyler 75703
Mshc Reunion Inn Of Tyler LLC
1515 Rice Rd
Tyler 75703
Pinehurst Alzheimers Special Care Center
5403 Plantation Dr
Tyler 75703

This is the only type A Assisted Living facility in Tyler Texas at this time

Assisted Living – Type A Facilities
Garden Estates Of Tyler Assisted Living Community
2055 Grande Blvd
Tyler 75703


Memory exercises for the elderly

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Great memory exercise to help regain memory and keep it longer

Here is a very useful memory technique. If you feel as though your memory is going you can draw the memory back out of you. Scientists now agree, use it or lose it! So get started, here is a really good technique for starters:

Mnemonic Techniques

Memory exercises and techniques involving “peg words” and other mnemonic devices work well if you master them. They really do! Scores of books have been written on the subject. But do you want to study and master a mnemonic technique? Honestly, most of us don’t want to take the time and effort to do so. The good news is that not all memory techniques are that complicated or time-consuming.

One memory technique you can learn and use right now starts with a walk around the house. Pick ten locations or permanent objects in your home or office. Memorize these in some logical order (this is the hardest part). Now when you want to remember a list of things, associate each item on the list with with one of your ten locations or objects. Do this with mental imagery and even sounds, always in a ridiculous way. When you need to consult your list, you’ll simply walk around your home in your mind, and you will “see” the items on the list.

Make the images very vivid and this technique rarely fails. It was used two thousand years ago by Roman orators who would “place” parts of their speech in locations along a garden path, then mentally walk the garden “picking up” the topics as they gave the speech. I use this one a lot, when I can remember to, and it always works.


Timber Springs Retirement Community

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Timber Springs Retirement Community

Timber Springs Retirement Community in Nacogdoches Texas is ending their pre-construction pricing October 1st 2007. The retirement community is a very large facility and offers a large pond, plenty of parking and spacious rooms. Having apartments with others your same age is a nice thing when your entering retirement. Activities and other similar hobbies will be planned on a regular basis to keep the retirement community active and alive.

Nacogdoches Retirement Community

If you have family in Nacogdoches you will find this retirement community to be well suited for you. For those who need additional care that an assisted living community can provide I would recommend moving into Azalea Trails in Tyler Texas. They concentrate on a large resident to care fiver ratio with a smaller facility in order to concentrate on true quality elder care. The facility has just been built and is very spacious and beautiful. Several residents moved out of other assisted living facilities to come to this one as it offers the most quality care available for an assisted living in Texas.

Fall Injury Preventatives

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Elder Care Safety

Falls are the most common cause of injury in American adults age 65 and older. According to the National Safety Council falls are the leading cause of death. One in three of those 65 and older falls each year and 90% of hip fractures that occur in the U.S. are the result of a fall.

But do not panic over these statistics. Here are a few things to do to fall-proof your home and to learn how to fall the correct way to help prevent injury.

To fall proof your home:

  -Don’t pile clutter or items in pathways or stairways.

  -Put adhesive texture strips or a rubber mat on the bottom of shower. Install grab bars on the walls. Place a slip resistant rug on the floor to safely get in and out of bath.

  -Keep appliance cords out of walking area. Don’t put them under rugs.

  -Remove small area rugs at top and bottom of stairs and put adhere non-slip treads to bare-wood steps.

  -Place night lights to light the way from bedroom to bathroom.  Keep a flashlight with new batteries close to the bed in case of power outage.

  -Clean up spills immediately.

  -Wear sneakers around the house and outside. Do not wear stocking feet or high heals.

In case a fall does happen here are a few steps to follow to do avoid or minimize injury:

  -If at all possible try to fall on your butt or side. Roll over naturally, turning your head in the direction of the roll.

  -Keep joints (wrists, elbows and knees) bent. Do not break your fall with your hands or elbows.

  -After falling take several deep breaths. Do not quickly get up especially if you feel you have been injured.

  -If you feel you have been injured call 911 or a family member for help.

  -If you feel you are not injured and are able to get up, crawl to a stable piece of furniture like a chair to support and help pull yourself up. Put both hands on the seat.

  -Slowly begin to raise yourself up and bend whichever knee that is stronger keeping the other knee on the floor. Slowly twist and sit in the chair.

Remember to have physical checkups and exercise regularly.


Investigation Report on Atria Willow Park

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Atria Willow Park fails to comply with the Department of Aging

Atria Willow Park facility fails to comply with licensure standards for type A facilities by admitting residents who are not capable of independently evacuating the facility in an emergency. Atria Willow Park also fails to provide sufficient supervision to prevent resident falls and injuries. There is a ratio of 2 care staff per 60 residents. Not only is this ratio low but the residents that they admit cannot transfer themselves without assistance. Which means that many residents are not properly taken care of. Atria Willow Park was fined $650.00 on November 13, 2006 then fined for the same violations on April 23, 2007 for $1950.00.  These fines are small according to what they are getting away with. Atria is making more profit cutting out staff hours and excepting residents that require advanced care than these small fines.

The investigation

The Investigation held on April 10, 2007 shows that 9 of 11 residents that were sampled did not meet physical requirements to live at an assisted living facility (such as being able to stand, transferring with little assistance). The Executive Director Ron Lewis states on June 7, 2007 one resident was moved into Hospice of East Texas and another was moved out of the community as of May 15, 2007. The other 7 residents still live at Atria but Atria Willow Park concluded “…we feel they are appropriate with the assistance of their physicians, families, and responsible parties through physical therapy.”

My opinion is that is seems like fraudalent activity

In my opinion it sounds like a big fraud for profit. It costs about $4,000.00 a MONTH to live there per resident. So by not transferring residents to a nursing home or hospice where they could receive more care they continually have a full facility at Atria Willow Park and someone is getting very rich from scamming the elderly.

 To read the letter to the District Attorney in Smith county and the report from the Texas Department of Aging click on the below pdf file:

Atria Willow Park



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If you or your loved one has a caregiver be sure to tell that caregiver how much he or she means to you. Oprah Winfrey said “Caregivers of all kinds are the real heroes, and most overlooked humanitarians in the world.” I agree with that statement. So many good deeds of the caregiver is overlooked or unseen. It takes a special and humble person to be a caregiver. If you are a caregiver then remember “The wicked man earns deceptive wages, but he who sows righteousness reaps a sure reward.” Proverbs 11:18. Thank you caregivers for all the work that you do, your work will be rewarded.


Forgetting to take medication can have serious consequences

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It’s easy for anyone to forget to take medication. Those with dementia need to be especially careful. Skipping medication can have searious consequences. One way to remember is to have a weekly pill box organizer. This helps prevent from accidentally taking the wrong pill or too many pills. There are some pill box organizers that have timers that buzz when it is time for medication. Putting a reminder posty note on the mirror or refrigerator is another suggestion. Marking down when was the last medication time on a pad of paper or calendar helps prevent overdose. If forgetting to take medication is a persistant problem have a trusted person be responsible to remind you each time or despense the medicine to you.


94 year old earns a masters degree

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Education for the elderly is never too late

Masters degree for a 94 year old lady

It’s never too late for education. Phyllis Turner received her masters degree this week at Adelaide University in Australia at a record breaking age of 94. This elderly student is said to be lively and enthusiastic. Mrs. Turner uses a walking stick but has found a new energy and dedication for her study.

She had to help with the siblings and never made it to school

Phyllis Turner quit primary school when she was 12 years old to help her mother with her siblings because her father abandoned them. About 60 years later she went back to school to study anthropology and won honors in 2002 at Adelaide University. She later started on her masters in Medical Science at age 90 and received her diploma this week at age 94.

Hats off to Phyllis Turner who knows that you can never be too old to learn something new.