Memory exercises for the elderly

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Great memory exercise to help regain memory and keep it longer

Here is a very useful memory technique. If you feel as though your memory is going you can draw the memory back out of you. Scientists now agree, use it or lose it! So get started, here is a really good technique for starters:

Mnemonic Techniques

Memory exercises and techniques involving “peg words” and other mnemonic devices work well if you master them. They really do! Scores of books have been written on the subject. But do you want to study and master a mnemonic technique? Honestly, most of us don’t want to take the time and effort to do so. The good news is that not all memory techniques are that complicated or time-consuming.

One memory technique you can learn and use right now starts with a walk around the house. Pick ten locations or permanent objects in your home or office. Memorize these in some logical order (this is the hardest part). Now when you want to remember a list of things, associate each item on the list with with one of your ten locations or objects. Do this with mental imagery and even sounds, always in a ridiculous way. When you need to consult your list, you’ll simply walk around your home in your mind, and you will “see” the items on the list.

Make the images very vivid and this technique rarely fails. It was used two thousand years ago by Roman orators who would “place” parts of their speech in locations along a garden path, then mentally walk the garden “picking up” the topics as they gave the speech. I use this one a lot, when I can remember to, and it always works.

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