KLTV In Tyler Texas Reports On Poorly Run Nursing Homes

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Texas Poorly Run Nursing Homes

Taylor Care Center in Taylor Texas made the list as one of the worst nursing homes in the state. What a terrible report for Taylor Care for it to come to the state posting them in a shame list on a government website. It just doesn’t get much worse then this. Hopefully Texas will start doing this to poorly run Assisted Living facilities in Texas as well.

The Shame List

Basically what is going on is the Texas state government will be posting on their medicaid and medicare website the nursing homes in Texas that have received the most complaints and infractions by state regulators as a way to shame them for their poor elder care performance. Unfortunately the fines that the state charges the state of Texas elder care facilities is like a slap on the wrist in comparison to the profit they make per resident in these facilties. Care workers in Texas facilities make about 60 cents for every depends diaper they change and every person they shower. Think about this, would you feel happy about your job if you were paid 60 cents for changing a depends diaper? For one thing it smells, you are putting yourself at some health risks and you are dealing with people who can become combative if they have any type of elderly disease like alzhiemers or dimentia. 60 cents per shower and diaper is just not enough to keep quality care workers in a facility to insure no one becomes neglected or abused. Also bare in mind, if the facility has 2 care workers for every 60 residents how are they even able to care for these people. There are elder care facilities that keep a permanent skeleton staff like this so management receives their bonus while the residents suffer and their kids watch their parents savings deplete because of it going to a poorly run elder care facility.

Don’t Waste Your Parents Money On A Bad Facility

It would be better to have a helper you pay come to the house and watch your loved one then put them into some of these facilities. Hopefully the government will consider placing a shame report for assisted living facilities in Texas who have repeated violations. Atria Willow Park as well as Atria Copeland both have multiple and repeated violations with the department of aging and any loving child of an elderly parent should not even consider placing their parent in these facilities.

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    Nightingale Home Health in Tyler does accept Medicare.