Seniors in Tyler Texas

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Senior Events In Tyler Texas

This coming month is a great time to get out and go to events in your community in Tyler, TX. The senior community in Tyler has one event right after another this month and next. The Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting the 2nd Annual “Seniors Celebrating Life” at the Harvey Convention Center on April 3, 2008. This event is free to all seniors and lunch will be provided. It is designed for interaction and education. Vendor booths will provide information on services and goods that are available to seniors.

Senior Citizen’s Venue For Meeting

The Senior Citizen’s Center on Garden Valley Road in Tyler is designed for senior citizens to meet together for some fun and fellowship. Events include dominoes, card and board games, exercise classes, dancing, movies, day trips and much more. Transportation is available for seniors who cannot drive. The Senior Citizen’s Center is open from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. For more information and weekly schedules call (903)597-0781.

Other events in Tyler:

-March 18-22 (7:30pm) “To Kill A Mockingbird” play at the Tyler Civic Theatre ($15).

-March 28-29 Quilt Show at the Harvey Convention Center

-March 28 (10am-5pm) and March 29 (9am-5pm) Main Street Flower Market at LeGrand Park (free admission)

-April 5 (10am-5pm) First Annual Azalea Trail Classic Auto Show- Rod Run at LeGrand Park (free admission)

-Walking Club at the Glass Recreation Center ($15) Dates are open. Call (903) 533-1397

-May 3 (2-4pm) Through the Goodman Lens: A Pictorial History of Tyler. Free admission, pre-registration suggested. Call (903) 531-1286

For more information on events in Tyler go to: www.cityoftyler.org


Senior Citizens Voting in Texas

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Seniors Voting

East Texas Primary Voting By Senior Citizens

The Texas primary voting ends on March 4th at 7pm. Unfortunately there are many people taking advantage of the elderly in nursing homes or assisted living communities and stealing their votes. The Senior News in Arlington report “Nursing homes, notorious places for voter fraud, need greater guidance on how to help residents vote…About one in five votes in the 2004 presidential election was cast by someone 65 years or older. By 2040, it is anticipated about 40 percent of voters will be 65 or older. …John Karlawish, a professor of medicine and medical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania,…said much of the voting at the long term care facilities studied was done by absentee ballot, which is well recognized as a mechanism for voter fraud. ‘First, people decided whether they can vote, and second, people steal their votes.’”

Assist But Do Not Manipulate Your Senior Loved One

Make sure your loved one has the opportunity to vote if he or she desires. Educate mom and dad on what’s going on in politics now. They educated you when you were young. Bring them up to date on what’s going on in the news now and discuss how important it is to vote in the Texas primaries. If your parent is filling out an absentee ballot be sure you or someone you trust is helping them and not someone you don’t know even if the person seems like a sweet care giver. You can’t be too careful with voting.