Facing Death

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Facing Death is a fearful thing and it is important that the family and friends are around. If you have a loved one that is facing death be there for that person. Don’t withdraw yourself. Talk to him or her no matter how fearful or awkward it is. Even if it appears that he doesn’t understand you. Keep him comfortable. He may need help turning in bed and getting comfortable. Help him. Don’t leave him alone unless he is getting overwhelmed with visitors. Give him a chance to say what he wants to say. Tell him what you need to tell him, whether it’s getting something off your chest or sharing God’s love and salvation with him. No matter how long he has been in your life if you have not shared Christ with him now is the time. Do it before it is too late.

Sarah Palin as McCain’s Vice President

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John McCain picks Sarah Palin as his Vice President. This will most definately bring in younger voters but will this deter elderly voters? My personal opinion is that it will bring more elderly voters as well since the majority of elderly voters are conservative and Sarah Palin is very conservative and pro-life. Sarah Palin is 44 years old and is the govenor of Alaska. She is for off shore drilling. Palin is a mother to a down syndrome child. I believe that McCain will receive more women votes by picking Sarah Palin as V.P. I’m sure that was one of his reasons for picking her. John McCain and Sarah Palin appear live today in Dayton, OH. They hope to win the votes of Ohio for Ohio could be a deciding state of who will be president. Hillary Clinton won the votes in Ohio in the primary and McCain may win a majority of those votes. This election may be a very close election and it may depend on one state or one group of people.