Mother’s Day

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This Mother’s Day instead of visiting your mother in the nursing home, take her out somewhere for lunch, a movie/play, or just out for a walk in the park. I’m sure she would really love to get out and spend some quality time with you. Plan an outing ahead of time. Make reservations to a nice restaurant. Buy tickets to a play or a symphony. Check the forecast to see if it will be a nice day to go to the park.

If your mother can’t leave the facility that she is at, bring something special to her. Bring her flowers or better yet bring her a pretty plant that won’t quickly wilt but will liven up the room. Bring her a card and have everyone sign it including the kids. Have the kids make a card. What’s a better gift than something made by the grandkids?

Enjoy Mother’s Day with your mother!


Religious Scams

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Do you have a loved one that has been victimized into a religious scam or has been guilted into giving money to someone who says he is God’s prophet? I’m sad to say that I’ve seen many people, especially the elderly fall victim to such scams. Whether it was a TV evangelist or a crazy screaming false prophet, I’m sure it got under your skin that they got money out of your loved one.

I met one of these false prophets in Tyler, TX. His name is Richard W. Hayes. Richard W. Hayes claims he is a prophet of God and that God relays information to him about people in the audience. He yells into his microphone and puts his hands on peoples foreheads. He claims that he preforms miracles when people start shaking. At the end of the service, Richard W. Hayes guilts people into paying him money. He claims that God will pay your bill and reward you when you “have faith”. By having faith he means giving him your money. Richard W. Hayes is a liar and a thief that preys on the elderly and he must be stopped. Richard W. Hayes has tricked many elderly people over TV, the radio, and at tent revivals into giving him their money. Don’t let Richard W. Hayes or any other religious scammers take money away from your loved ones.

TV and Radio Evangelist in Texas

TV and Radio Evangelist in Texas