Is it Better to Retire Close to Home?

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For many seniors, the prospect of retirement is an enticing thing. Turning 65 might signal the sad end of an era, but it can also allow seniors to do things they haven’t been able to do before, like travel. Seniors who live in cold climates often travel… to Arizona and Florida. And of course, you know the rest of the story: they don’t come back. The climate is too perfect, and the pace of life is just right.
That raises an interesting dilemma for many elderly citizens who live near to their family, but who may want to retire in a different town. Would a permanent vacation to somewhere more comfortable outweigh the familial benefits of staying put?

For some, that’s an easy question. “I’ll be with the grandkids!” they say. Okay, that means staying in town. But for others, it’s not so easy. There could be strained relationship in the family, or another reason to avoid getting together.

Either way, it’s good to weigh the pros and cons of retiring with or near the family or retiring in a Retirement Center (or Independent Living Center).

Retiring Close to the Family


  • You get to be near the grandchildren
  • The surroundings are familiar
  • There is safety in being with others
  • It is usually is cheaper (pooled resources with family, etc)


  • No exercise facility, golf club, or other fine amenities
  • You’re still responsible for the upkeep of your home, or wherever you’re living
  • There’s sometimes an increased feeling of “getting in the way” of your family, who is in the middle of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For many, this is a stressful, disappointing situation
  • Boredom. Now that you’re retired, you have lots of time on your hands. But your family is still going, going, and going. This can leave you, the retiree, feeling a little lonely and alot BORED!

Retiring in a Retirement Community (or active Assisted Living Facility)


  • There are often really sweet facilities that are made for you and others who are your age.
  • The general upkeep and housework are often done by staff who live there.
  • There will be immediate, built in community with other seniors (new friends!)
  • It would give you a chance to have a totally fresh start instead of a slow finish.
  • There will likely a be a medical staff on call to help you with anything, just in case you need them.


  • Costs will likely be higher
  • Some seniors dislike change. There will be lots of change here.
  • Nobody enjoys packing up and moving out of their house.
  • Some seniors end up hating the retired lifestyle, the endless meals in restaurants, and the general wide open days. If there are no relationships with others in the area, this can be a pretty un-fulfilling lifestyle.

So, is it better to retire with the family or in a retirement community? In all likelihood, the determining factor will be how close the family is. If you love being close to the family, no golf course is going to be able to take the place of that. But if there is a way to still see the family on a regular basis, a retirement community, with all the comfort and advantages they offer, may be just the thing to put a smile on your face.

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