The Holistic Approach to Senior Care

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As we documented last time, in recent years, new senior service organizations have increased dramatically. As the national population reaches retirement age in higher percentages, the number and specificity of these elderly care service organizations has increased as well to provide more comprehensive care for our nation’s elderly. The scope of services offered has widened to include broader-spectrum care for seniors. For example, home-bound seniors now may receive services including everything from in-home nursing and medical care to comprehensive volunteer services such as home maintenance, meal and grocery delivery, and social calls.

A More Holistic Approach to Senior Care


The shift to a holistic approach to medical care and illness prevention has made a huge impact on the variety of service organizations that are being formed. Senior care has expanded from a physical needs-based field, to one that includes mental, emotional, social, and spiritual care. Organizations are recognizing the need to include opportunities for seniors to build community and maintain social relationships. All of these pieces are vital to maintaining and improving seniors’ over-all health.

Many senior citizen service organizations are forming networks to more effectively address the wide range of needs our seniors may have. For example, the Aging Services Council of Central Texas is a network of businesses, faith-based, nonprofit, and public service providers hoping to offer better services to the seniors of Central Texas and raise more awareness and finances to provide support the growing senior population. The hope is that more senior citizen service organizations across the nation will see the effectiveness of coordinating and networking together to provide more fully for the needs of seniors.

Depending on where you live, getting connected with the appropriate senior citizen service organizations may take some legwork, but you best bet is to start asking questions. Ask your doctor, your church, your TX Assisted Living center, or your senior center and check out the senior citizen service organizations in your area by searching on-line. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Whether you are home-bound or still active, there may be a service organization out there that could greatly enrich as well as prolong your life.

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