Senior Citizen Father’s Day Ideas to make it the best day for your father

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Father’s Day

As Father’s Day is soon approaching there are many ways to do or find something special for your senior citizen father. If your father is in an assisted living community or nursing home he’d probably enjoy a night out at his favorite restaurant. If a night out is not an option then bring something to him such as food, a gift, or a card. Give a gift that is meaningful and thought out. If your father is active give him a gift related to his hobbies or interest such as a sports memorabilia, a walking stick with a pattern on it, a video or CD with his favorite music.


If your father is not very active consider giving a gift that enables him to have a more enjoyable and easier life such as a magnifier for reading, a “lifter cushion”, a reacher, comfortable shoes or some clothes that are easy to get in and out of. If your father is living at home you could mow his lawn, clean the gutters, or any task that is hard to get around to doing. Above all father’s day gifts it’s important to tell your father how much he has meant to you. As father’s age they want to know that they lived a good life and were influential in the lives of their children. Tell your senior citizen father this father’s day how much of an influence he has had on you and how much you appreciate him.