When skin becomes too thin and brittle what do you do?

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As people age their skin becomes thin, brittle and hard to manage. Skin starts to tare from being grabbed or moved. This can start to become an annoince, but more importantly it can be a serious medical problem.

The reason for the skin being or feeling tight has to do with the fact that as you age your skin does not have the same ability to automatically moisturize your skin. You will need to use a skin moisturizer on a daily basis. Putting lotion on your skin will help a lot as well as avoiding dry areas. If you need to, use a humidifier when the weather becomes dry.

Among several other things you can do to avoid tight dry skin that is easy to tare are:

  • take at the maximum 2 to 3 short baths or showers a week; use warm water (not hot)
  • shower immediately after getting out of a pool that has chlorine in it
  • use soaps made for dry skin, Glycerin soap with cleansing cream is a good option for those needing this type of soap 
  • thouroughly rinse off after using soaps.
  • apply lotion immediately after you notice drying skin, while it is still slightly moist. This helps lock in the skins moisture
  • apply lotion all over your body at bedtime; put gloves and socks on after applying lotion to retain moisture
  • drink more liquids if you still have dryness problems
  • use a humidifier during the winter and in dry climates
  • avoid alcohol, spicy food, and caffeine
  • avoid dry places, such as saunas and the desert
  • By following these guide lines your Mr. Skin or Mrs. Skin problem will be gone in no time. It is important for the elderly to follow these rules and to not over do it. If the skin becomes too moist you could actually cause a fungal infection. It’s also important to be consistent with this routine. A skin tare from not properly caring for your skin can cause more serious issues down the road. As the skin becomes more and more brital you could eventually need skin grafts and a host of other treatments.

    Stay healthy and watch out for any type of skin disorders such as skin cancer, rashes, dry skin and others and report them to your Doctor immediately.

    This is Mr Skin signing out.