Oxygen Tanks and Safety

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Oxygen tanks need to be handled in a responsible manner. Oxygen is safe under a controlled environment. However if proper care is not taken destruction is at hand.


1. In the case of a fire, oxygen tanks can be extremely dangerous. Although oxygen itself does not cause a fire it can feed a fire very quickly.



2. Oxygen is usually contained in steel green tanks. These tanks should be stored in a rack or carrier to prevent them from being a trip hazard and to prevent them from falling. If an oxygen tank fell and the valve broke it can become like a 30 lb. missile causing harm to people, valuables, and even the building.


3. When storing the oxygen tank be sure the valve is turned off. Also if the tank has a regulator or flow meter make sure those are turned off as well when being stored.


4. Always store oxygen tanks in an upright position. Never store oxygen tanks lying down.