Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

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Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, otherwise know as PACE is an optional benefit under Medicare and Medicaid that focuses on the elderly, who are frail enough to meet the state’s standards for nursing home care. It features comprhensive medical and social services that can be provided at home,  adult day health center, or impatient facilities. For most elderly people it will allow them to continue living at home and receive services instead of being institutionalized. Health professionals and a team of doctors and nurses assess the persons needs, develop care plans, and deliver care plans which are integratedinto a complete health care plan.

PACE offers and manages all of the medical, social and rehabilitative services their enrollees need to preserve or restore their independence, to remain in their homes and communities, and to maintain their quality of life. PACE must include all Medicare and Medicaid services provided by the state. The PACE center includes at minimum primary care services, social services, restorative therapies, personal care and supportive services, nutritional counseling, recreational therapy, and meals. PACE services are available 24/7. PACE has a team of care providers that have frequent contact with the patient. This helps them to detect subtle changes in the patient’s condition and they can react quickly to changing medical, functional, and psycho-social problems.