94 year old earns a masters degree

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Education for the elderly is never too late

Masters degree for a 94 year old lady

It’s never too late for education. Phyllis Turner received her masters degree this week at Adelaide University in Australia at a record breaking age of 94. This elderly student is said to be lively and enthusiastic. Mrs. Turner uses a walking stick but has found a new energy and dedication for her study.

She had to help with the siblings and never made it to school

Phyllis Turner quit primary school when she was 12 years old to help her mother with her siblings because her father abandoned them. About 60 years later she went back to school to study anthropology and won honors in 2002 at Adelaide University. She later started on her masters in Medical Science at age 90 and received her diploma this week at age 94.

Hats off to Phyllis Turner who knows that you can never be too old to learn something new.