Continuing Care Communities in Houston

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Seniors in Houston have many options at their disposal for elderly care. If they are not healthy, there are dozens of full time Houston nursing homes that will take care of their medical needs around the clock, or to give them physical rehabilitation after an injury. If they are healthy, but need some help with daily living activities, they can find one of the many Houston Assisted Living homes to meet their needs. And if they are healthy and physically active, they can find a Houston retirement community (a.k.a. Houston Independent living community) to settle down in ease and comfort.

And rest assured, there are some awesome facilities in each of these categories. There are especially some terrific retirement communities in the Houston area. Seniors love the year round warm temperatures, the wide assortment of entertainment options, the sports scene, the shopping, and the championship golf courses. Many retirement communities are centered around golf courses, even. So there are some awesome reasons for seniors to live in the Houston area.

And yet, there is a quandry for Houston seniors and their families regarding their future in senior care, and it is this: a senior’s health and activity level are not static. Those are constantly changing factors, and generally, there will be a deterioration in a senior’s health over the years. So there is an inherent risk to signing a contract with an assisted living facility or buying a condo at a retirement center. What happens if your loved one takes a fall and breaks his hip? Or what happens when he contracts a disease that needs more oversight? Then you are stuck in a facility that does not care for the needs you actually have.

This is where Houston Continuing Care communities come in to play. Continuing care is a revolutionary kind of elderly care that adapts to the health and needs of the residents. In Houston continuing care facilities allow a resident to move into a different part of the facility (it is generally more like a large campus with different departments) that will better fit the particular needs they are facing.

Typically, it works this way: a resident will sign a contract with a continuing care community to last a certain length of time. Most seniors sign on with the community indefinitely–for the rest of their lives. They do this while they are healthy and active, generally, and living in a low maintenance retirement setting. But when they need to, they can transfer to assisted living or nursing home care without worrying about ending a lease and signing a new contract with another company. Needless to say, this is a huge break, as contracts can be a massive hassle for Houston seniors and the companies.

The Forum At Memorial Woods
777 N Post Oak Rd
Houston, TX
Phone: 866-333-2176

Alliance Care Phone
2626 S Loop W Ste 415
Houston, Texas,
Phone: 866-407-7211

Hampton at Post Oak
2929 Post Oak Blvd.
Houston, TX 77056

Holly Hall Retirement Community
8304 Knight Rd
Houston, TX 77054

Bayou Manor
4141 S. Braeswood Boulevard
Houston, TX 77025
(713) 663-3801

University Place TX
7480 Beechnut
Houston, TX 77074
(713) 541-2900

To find other kinds of Houston TX Assisted Living and retirement communities, use the “Find Senior Housing” box at the top of this page. Feel free to request more information from as many communities as interest you. Enjoy your search!


Making the Holidays Special for Elderly Loved Ones

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The Holidays would not be complete without our nearest and dearest. Many families include traditional ways of celebrating that have been passed down through the generations. The holidays are a special time to include elderly friends and family. The following are some steps to ensure that the elderly one you love will enjoy the Holidays to the fullest.

Preparing your home

Whether you’re having a massive family celebration or just your family and grandma, everyone enjoys sprucing up the house and adding special seasonal decor. One thing to keep in mind in your preparation is to keep the floors clear of loose rugs and objects that might easily be tripped over and cause a fall. Outside walkways and driveways also may need some sand or salt to prevent icy surfaces, prime culprits of senior falls. Having a comfy seat handy for Grandpa to plop down in rooms where you will be spending most of your time is also a safety measure worth taking. Pulling out decor and photo books that have sentimental value, like the quilt Great Aunt Nettie made or the kids most recent school photos may mean more to your elderly loved one than any gift and become great conversation pieces for everyone.

Making room for special diets on the Holiday menu

Keep in mind that the elderly one joining your celebration may have diet restrictions will save you some last minute flurry and prevent anyone from being left out of the Holiday feast. Many elderly people need to watch their salt, fat, or sugar intake, even on the Holidays, so ask before you start your baking, and be sure to include a few special-diet-friendly dishes

Accommodating Special Needs

In the case of an elderly loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia, having someone on hand to guide them through the Holidays and keep tabs on them is a wise idea. Whether you assigned a family member or hire a respite care worker, having a loved one with dementia take part in family celebrations is important. Briefing family and friends who are unaware on how to interact can be helpful. The Holidays may be a particularly sentimental and emotional time for people who have Alzheimer’s Disease, and having someone close by who is familiar and calming helps.

Planning ahead to make the house as accessible as possible will ensure that no one gets left out. Keeping family activities on the ground level and in easy-access rooms will allow everyone to participate. Leave space at the table and through the house for walkers or wheelchairs, and make sure the bathrooms are easily accessible for everyone.

Planning for meaningful interactions

Many holiday celebrations are centered around the kids, but some of the most precious traditions are the ones Great-Grandma started. Having special, traditional activities that will bridge the generation gap and bring the elderly and the kids together can create unforgettable memories. Putting Great Grandma in charge of a taffy pull, turkey craft, or cookie decorating, or setting Grandpa in charge of choosing the best dishpan to send the kids down the snowy hillside is an awesome way to stir up family stories and create priceless memories.

The Holidays are filled with precious family interactions and traditions. Take time this year to make them special for the elderly one you love.

If you are looking for help finding TX assisted living or other elderly care, use the search box above.


Adventurous Retirement Living

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What is your image of modern elderly care? Do you see a bland, yellow dining room full of seniors eating meatloaf while watching reruns of The Golden Girls? Because if you do, you need to get current. Those are yesteryear’s stereotypes. Today, seniors who live in assisted living or retirement communities can live rich, full lives doing things they have always done, or better still: doing things they have always wanted to do but never could.

Case in point: Everyone has heard of golf retirement communities. They have been made famous in FL Assisted Living facilities and Arizona retirement communities. The idea here is simple. Many seniors–especially senior men love to golf. So instead of playing dominoes with the 87 year old in 32-B who always stays in his bathrobe, why not hit the greens with other active seniors? The idea has caught on so well that you can find golfing retirement communities all over the united states today.

But golf communities were only the beginning. Today, innovative assisted living and retirement community planners have put fun and adventure back where it ought to be: on the front of the brochure. Their communities focus on giving senior residents some excitement in their golden years. They want to help make retirement a time that is full of joy. I want to give you a glimpse at what some are doing. We’ll start with the simplest and most obvious:

Seaside Retirement

Imagine retiring on the beach! This is not just an option for sunbathers. Seniors are increasingly getting out and enjoying the sun and beaches, whether in swimming, jet skiing, boating, or simply playing tennis in the ocean breeze. There is something about the sea that brings out the freshness and adventure in life. Seaside retirement communities and assisted living homes are especially popular in California and Florida.

Ski Retirement Communities

For seniors who love the mountains and don’t mind the cold, there are a growing number of retirement communities that are built around or next to ski resorts, and they cater to the skiing types. Of course, not everyone who lives in these places does ski. Some just enjoy the environment. Mountains are, in themselves, adventurous. They bring out the excitement for hiking, exploring, and photography.

Vineyard Living

Here is one brand of retirement living that has not yet fully caught on the U.S., but is quite popular in other places like Australia and Europe. Vineyards, and the vineyard lifestyle, are luxurious, but in an exotic way. To live at a vineyard, and be able to sample the fruits of the land… well, that is something that many baby boomers dream of! We wrote about one of these facilities near San Antonio, TX, where there are frequent outdoor wine and cheese events in a gorgeous outdoor poolside setting, complete with live music. How can you beat that?

Mobile Retirement

Okay, granted. This is not the same as formal Assisted Living. But many seniors who love the adventure of being on the road opt for getting a nice recreational vehicle and hitting the road. Leisure RV sites are popping up all over the U.S., as more and more people are trying to conserve money by taking the camper on vacation. But this lifestyle fits many seniors, whether they do it on the cheap, or with a two-hundred thousand dollar luxury motor home. It allows them to sample many sites around the country, while staying in the weather they most enjoy all year round. For those who love change, this can be the ultimate in adventure retirement.

Mobile Volunteer Retirement

Finally, some seniors will find fulfillment and adventure only when they are plugging into a worthwhile cause. There are vibrant networks of senior volunteers whose lifestyle involves taking their RV to a place where they can use their skills to help out on a part time basis. This is a popular option in Christian circles especially. For example, a career carpenter who retires takes his RV to a Christian retreat center. He joins the community for three months out of the year, helping out on various building projects for a few hours a day, and enjoying the clean country air with his wife for the rest of the day.

This is just a sampling, of course. Every year, there are more and more creative ways for seniors to actively live out their golden years.


Volunteering Ideas for Dallas Seniors

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Seniors in the Dallas Fort Worth area have a lot of things going for them. There are a plethora of terrific assisted living and retirement homes at their fingertips, they have a warm climate, and about a million and a half fun ways to occupy their time. But for some seniors, this is not enough. Retirement is a wonderful time in their lives, but they feel like a piece of them is missing: the piece that worked so hard for all those years. It was difficult, and it was exhausting, but it was sure rewarding! And as much fun as golf and shopping are, they simply can’t replace that sense of accomplishment.

Fortunately, volunteering can more than fill that void. Many seniors find that serving their communities is even more satisfying than their career was. Why? Because when you are volunteering, you are working for the benefit of other people. And when those people find victories in their lives, the volunteer feels that victory as well. Indeed, there is no feeling like the one that you get when you know you were truly able to help someone.

So, for all those Dallas / Fort Worth area seniors who are not sure what to do with themselves, I want to present a short list of possible volunteer opportunities. I hope you will visit their sites or call their phone numbers for more information.

Unique Volunteering Ideas for Dallas Seniors


  • Be a tutor for an elementary school student.
    A group called “Off Our Rockers” specializes in mentoring and tutoring young students from kindergarten to third grade. They do not require any special skills from their volunteers. The only requirement is that they be over fifty years old, and love children! They can either help them with their studies or mentor them by just being with them and hanging out. In 2009, this group tutored more than five hundred elementary school students! Volunteers complete a training session before being connected with a student at a school near their home. It’s a great program! Call 214.823.5700
  • Boomer Green Team.
    This group enjoys getting together and working toward the betterment of the environment including recycling, water conservation and quality, energy conservation, community gardens, clean air. They have a variety of projects in the coming months around the Dallas metroplex. Call 214-525-6134 for more information
  • Foster Grandparent
    This is a program designed for low income seniors who want to offer not only a helping hand but a helping heart. These seniors have a chance to become family to a child that desperately needs family. Some of the children have physical ailments. Some have been affected by drug abuse and homelessness. But all of them need somebody in their lives who will care for them regardless of the circumstance. Senior volunteers, then, get a chance to spend lots of time with these children, and fill a massive void. They will spend between 15 and 40 hours per week with the children, and will have an opportunity to help them in school work and life in general. A stipend is available for volunteers who help out in this program. If you are interested, please call 214.823.5700.

There are plenty of other opportunities around the metroplex. Here are some quick hits:

  • Christmas stocking projects
  • Handy projects for other seniors in their homes
  • Working at the Texas State Fair
  • Becoming a guide at a museum
  • Making blankets and small gifts for Dallas hospital patients (and their newborns!)

Most of these volunteering projects in Dallas will be somehow linked with a group called “Retired & Senior Volunteer Program,” or R.S.V.P. They are linked with dozens and dozens of projects and services around Dallas and Fort Worth. If you have questions, or if you want more information regarding how to lend your talents and passions to those who need it most in the Dallas metroplex, visit this website.

At any rate, you can be sure of one thing: just like Dallas has a million restaurants, it has a million ways for you to help other people, no matter what your age and abilities. Because Dallas is a city where people enjoy being a part of one another’s lives. So whether you are living at home, or in a retirement or assisted living facility in the city, you can be a help! Call the good folks at RSVP, or visit their site to find out about more opportunities near you!


Temporary Assisted Living

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Today, Assisted Living communities are immensely popular, and there are thousands of them all around the United States. By now, you probably know what they are all about, especially if you read articles on this site often. In a nutshell: Assisted Living facilities are designed for senior adults who do not need full time care, but could really use a helping hand with some important daily activities. This can include housework, medicine, transportation, and bathing, among other things. These facilities are not nursing homes, but they are not quite retirement centers either. They can be a wonderful sort of middle of the road senior care option. But for many seniors, this option can still be something close to terrifying. Moving into an Assisted Living facility requires them to leave home, pack up their belongings, and never come back. It is a big risk, on a personal level: relationally and financially. There is a lot riding on the decision.

Temporary Assisted Living: A Low Risk Option


But seniors do not need to hedge all their bets on this decision. Today, there are many places that let seniors “test drive” a facility before committing to it long term. They can move in for a couple of days to a month. If they hate it, there is no harm, no foul. There is no obligation.

But it usually will not take a month to decide if the facility is a good fit for them. Many will know in their gut very early on whether the emenities are to their liking. They will get a feel for the clientelle. They will understand if these are people they could be friends with. They will understand whether the level of medical care is appropriate to their unique situation. And, most importantly, they will know if this is a place they can spend the rest of their life.

This low risk option has become common for many facilities today. If you are facing the possiblity of a move to an Assisted Living facility, ask them if they would allow you to stay temporarily before you agree to stay long term. Most facilities will be accomodating.

An Assisted Living Vacation?

Here is an interesting option. Some Facilities even open up their doors to seniors who are travelling, like a senior hotel. So, if you live in Florida, and your mom lives in Utah, she could stay in an assisted living FL facility. Or maybe they are coming from Texas, and you live in the Pacific Northwest. They could stay in an Oregon Assisted Living home. It’s a comfy environment anyway. If she enjoys staying the weekend there, who knows? Maybe she could live there down the road!

One facility that is well known for doing this is Atria Assisted Living Communities, but there are others. These communities understand that if they make a good impression on the traveler, there is a good chance that they might end up paying good money to live there some day. So if nothing else, you can count on the vacation being a very comfortable one.

No matter how it works out, just know that this option is a tremendous opportunity for a senior adult who is almost ready to take the plunge. If that is you, your mother or father, you might seriously consider the temporary assisted living option before you sign on. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car before taking a test drive, would you?


Upscale Retirement Communities around San Antonio

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San Antonio, TX is one of the most popular places to have fun in Texas. It’s easy to see why. There is so much to do: there is the rich history, the Spanish Missions, the amusement parks, the caves, the sports, and, of course, the Riverwalk. Upscale Retirement Communities around San Antonio, appropriately, are fun too. They allow seniors who have put in decades of hard work to come, relax, and enjoy the fruits of their labors. here are just a couple of examples of what you might find.

Havenwood at Hunters Crossing


Havenwood at Hunter’s Crossing is located in an ideal spot: New Braunfels. It is in the country, but close enough to San Antonio to enjoy day trips to Sea World or the Alamo, and to pick up relatives from the airport. It is also within easy distance of Austin. Havenwood is a new community with beautiful homes that sit on hilltops and among the majestic oak trees that Texas revels in. These beautiful lots range from one to a whopping thirteen acres in size.

Hunters is great for fishermen. It is close to both Lake Travis and Canyon Lake, and it is also close to the Guadalupe River, and the Comal River. Golfers, too, will appreciate the wide variety of courses (public and private) nearby, and other active seniors will love the community swimming pool complex and all the trails that weave around the community. This is a great community for the laid back retiree who wants to enjoy quintessential Texas.

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyards

Here is another fantastic retirement community in New Braunfels. This community capitalizes on America’s newfound love of wine. For those who don’t necessarily want to do the “golf community thing,” the prospect of living at a vineyard is truly fascinating. And this place is fascinating!

The lots are awesome. They come between one and three acres in size. But it’s the events that make Vintage Oaks unique. Where else can you have wine and cheese while sitting with your feet in a lazy river, overlooking a gorgeous vineyard while listening to live local music? Well, this is a regular occurrance at Vintage Oaks. Seniors who enjoy taking in the fine sites and sounds of nature love this place.

This is a gated community, complete with security, so you know you will be safe. The easy going waterpark is as pretty to look at as it is fun to relax in. There are private parks and hiking trails all around. And, if you are a golfer, don’t fret: there are several courses, but public and private, that you will be able to frequent around the New Braunfels area.

So there you have it. These are just two examples of the kind of relaxed living you can settle into if you can afford upscale retirement living around San Antonio. Of course, there are a plethora of other types of senior housing and assisted living for those who are not healthy, or cannot afford luxurious retirement. But for those who can and who want to have fun, the San Antonio area is the perfect choice.


Upscale Community Living in Dallas

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Are you looking for a retirement center that will let you enjoy the fruits of your years of labor? Are you looking to do that in the Dallas area? Thankfully, there are many ways to do just that!

High end assisted living facilities are abundant in North Texas. If you have worked hard and saved your whole life, and now you don’t want the burden of keeping up your own home, you really owe it to yourself to at least check into the luxurious lifestyle of upscale community living in Dallas. Here is a sample of the kind of thing you will find.

In Lipan, TX, just 40 minutes west of Ft. Worth, there is an awesome facility called the Reserve at Sugartree. It is a rural area, and a lovely one. There is a premier golf course (18 holes) that was given 4 stars by Golf Digest. It has its own clubhouse and grill. But even if you aren’t a golfer, you will be interested in the housing itself: there are lots as big as 3 acres, and as small as 1/2 an acre. The homes are in lovely areas, too: some are in the woods, some next to ponds, some with a golf course view. The sites and sounds are great, and there are alot of great attractions not far away.

Do you like to be closer to the action? How about Lake Ridge at Joe Pool Lake? This community is located south of Dallas in Cedar Hill, TX. Like the Reserve at Sugar Creek, Lake Ridge has its own premier golf course right on site, this one rated one of the top 10 courses in all of Texas! But even if golf isn’t your thing, you will be captured by the leisure opportunity. The fishing is fantastic (there are two marinas which give access to a huge lake: 7500 acres to fish, boat, and relax!), and the lots, which get as large as 2 acres, surround the lake and stretch into the hills and the woods. Best of all, you are only a half hour away from premier entertainment in Dallas.

Further north of the metroplex is Denton, TX, home of Robson Ranch and the Robson Communities. Robson sits in the beautiful open prairies of North Texas. There is a community center, complete with a fitness center, pools, and salons, a championship 18 hole golf course, spas and saunas, tennis courts, etc. This is true, easy going Texas living. This area is considered one of the top places to retire, according to a magazine called “Where to Retire.” It is located just 30 minutes from DFW international Airport, so family can get to you with no problem!

This, of course, is just a sampling of some of the great places to settle down in North Texas. There are plenty of other Assisted Living Homes which are less pricey, and will fit the health conditions of any senior. But for those who want to stay active and let go of the things that have held them down (namely, their home), while living out their golden years in comfort, the upscale community living scene in Dallas is definitely worth checking out!


Is it Better to Retire Close to Home?

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For many seniors, the prospect of retirement is an enticing thing. Turning 65 might signal the sad end of an era, but it can also allow seniors to do things they haven’t been able to do before, like travel. Seniors who live in cold climates often travel… to Arizona and Florida. And of course, you know the rest of the story: they don’t come back. The climate is too perfect, and the pace of life is just right.
That raises an interesting dilemma for many elderly citizens who live near to their family, but who may want to retire in a different town. Would a permanent vacation to somewhere more comfortable outweigh the familial benefits of staying put?

For some, that’s an easy question. “I’ll be with the grandkids!” they say. Okay, that means staying in town. But for others, it’s not so easy. There could be strained relationship in the family, or another reason to avoid getting together.

Either way, it’s good to weigh the pros and cons of retiring with or near the family or retiring in a Retirement Center (or Independent Living Center).

Retiring Close to the Family


  • You get to be near the grandchildren
  • The surroundings are familiar
  • There is safety in being with others
  • It is usually is cheaper (pooled resources with family, etc)


  • No exercise facility, golf club, or other fine amenities
  • You’re still responsible for the upkeep of your home, or wherever you’re living
  • There’s sometimes an increased feeling of “getting in the way” of your family, who is in the middle of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For many, this is a stressful, disappointing situation
  • Boredom. Now that you’re retired, you have lots of time on your hands. But your family is still going, going, and going. This can leave you, the retiree, feeling a little lonely and alot BORED!

Retiring in a Retirement Community (or active Assisted Living Facility)


  • There are often really sweet facilities that are made for you and others who are your age.
  • The general upkeep and housework are often done by staff who live there.
  • There will be immediate, built in community with other seniors (new friends!)
  • It would give you a chance to have a totally fresh start instead of a slow finish.
  • There will likely a be a medical staff on call to help you with anything, just in case you need them.


  • Costs will likely be higher
  • Some seniors dislike change. There will be lots of change here.
  • Nobody enjoys packing up and moving out of their house.
  • Some seniors end up hating the retired lifestyle, the endless meals in restaurants, and the general wide open days. If there are no relationships with others in the area, this can be a pretty un-fulfilling lifestyle.

So, is it better to retire with the family or in a retirement community? In all likelihood, the determining factor will be how close the family is. If you love being close to the family, no golf course is going to be able to take the place of that. But if there is a way to still see the family on a regular basis, a retirement community, with all the comfort and advantages they offer, may be just the thing to put a smile on your face.


Retired and Golfing

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Many senior citizens love to golf. There is nothing new about this phenomenon. For decades, elderly men and women have taken to the greens when their careers have come to a close. Golf is the perfect leaser activity for a person who is slowing down but still enjoys a good time.
What is a relatively new phenomenon is the boom of the”Golf Retirement Community.” In the past twenty years or so, thousands and thousands o retirees have decided to sell their homes and move into an independent living facility that caters to their favorite pastime. These facilities are often literally built around golf courses. This gives residents a stellar view in addition to their stellar hobby.

So why is the demand so much higher today? Well, for one thing, many seniors are retiring at younger ages. Those who stop working at 55 still have many active years left, and they want to take absolute, full advantage of those years. And in addition, even those who retire at 65 are, on average, much healthier than retirees two decades ago. Life expectancy continues to climb each year, as does the relative health of today’s seniors.

Most Golf Retirement Communities are being built in the retirement hotspots like Florida, Arizona, and the Carolinas. But Texas has joined the party also. Here is a small list of Golf Communities that are near notable cities in the Lone Star State.

The Bridges at Preston Crossing (Gunter, TX) – This luxurious Golf Community is located between Dallas and Tyler. The 18 hole golf course was designed by legendary champion Fred Couples. If you want to live here, expect large lots and a comfortable environment in a lovely East Texas town.

Havenwood at Hunters Crossing (New Braunfels, TX) – This gated golfing community offers lots from one to three acres of land. It is located in New Braunfels, just a short drive northeast of San Antonio.
Comanche Trace (Kerrville, TX) – Just northwest of San Antonio, Comanche Trace offers spacious living in a beautiful setting. The golf course is a 27 Hole championship course, complete with a driving range and a luxurious clubhouse. The entire facility totals more than fifteen hundred acres, and includes a fitness center and a small private fishing lake. And community events are aplenty!

Bentwater on Lake Conroe (Montgomerey, TX) – If you want to be near Houston, TX, Bentwater might be your ticket. It’s located just north of Texas’ largest city, and is nestled between the beautiful Lake Conroe and Sam Houston National Forrest. The Golf is fantastic! The country club sports a whopping 54 holes on three unique courses. But besides this, the community is beautifully located close to great shopping, and also near Houston’s International Airport. For today’s active senior, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Of course, there are many more such facilities throughout the state that can cater to golf enthusiasts. As you search, keep in mind that homes or apartments located directly on a golf courses will almost always be more expensive than those located a few blocks away. And many of those off-site homes might be a better fit for many seniors, since their back yards might be quite bit larger. The 16th fairway, after all, is pretty to look at, but does not make for a fully functional backyard barbecue pit.

All in all, those who are retired and golfing can be confident that today’s modern retirement facilities will take care of them. And that’s another great reason to be a senior in the twenty-first century!


Sarah Palin as McCain’s Vice President

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John McCain picks Sarah Palin as his Vice President. This will most definately bring in younger voters but will this deter elderly voters? My personal opinion is that it will bring more elderly voters as well since the majority of elderly voters are conservative and Sarah Palin is very conservative and pro-life. Sarah Palin is 44 years old and is the govenor of Alaska. She is for off shore drilling. Palin is a mother to a down syndrome child. I believe that McCain will receive more women votes by picking Sarah Palin as V.P. I’m sure that was one of his reasons for picking her. John McCain and Sarah Palin appear live today in Dayton, OH. They hope to win the votes of Ohio for Ohio could be a deciding state of who will be president. Hillary Clinton won the votes in Ohio in the primary and McCain may win a majority of those votes. This election may be a very close election and it may depend on one state or one group of people.

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