Lubbock Alzheimer’s Care

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Lubbock, Texas is home to close to three hundred thousand West Texans, and a whopping twenty percent of these are over the age of fifty-five years. The climate is warm in the day time and at night, and the cost of living is low. Those are just two of the reasons why money magazine thinks that Lufkin is one of the best places in America to retire.

But not all of Lufkin’s senior citizens are retirees. Many of them are dealing with the most difficult life challenges that come with aging: memory related illnesses. Alzheiemer’s disease is a common illness affecting millions of seniors, and even more are affected by other forms of dementia, which affects not only the memory, but the entire mental process.

So, what can Lubbock area seniors or their families do when they need help dealing with these disorders? Certainly, seniors with increasing dementia should not be left alone. There is too much risk involved. Instead, they have several options.

1) Home care. Families of seniors with memory issues can become caretakers in their own homes. For families who have a little extra space, or who can make extra space, this is the best option in most cases. It helps when a dementia patient can be surrounded by familiarity. If their surroundings are familiar, and the faces around them are too, it will make their condition all the more bearable. However, there might become a time when even those distant memories will begin to fade. Still, there is often a level of comfort that can only come by being with family, even in more extreme cases.

Families who wish to take care of their loved ones at home might feel overwhelmed by the task. It is a full time job. Not only do you need to take care of their physical needs during the day, you have to make sure they are safe at home (not wandering!) as well. Sometimes, the stress can be overwhelming. Caretakers should be aware, then, that there are Lubbock care centers that can watch over their loved ones for set times. This type of care, sometimes called “respite care,” functions as a sort of day care for seniors. They are often hosted at an assisted living facility. The family caretaker drops them off during the morning, and picks them up later in the day, leaving the family free to run the errands necessary. Whether or not people take advantage of this type of care, it is vitally important for caretakers to get a break now and again.

2) The stress of care taking, and the toll it can take on a family, are two reasons why many families are opting for professional caretakers to care for their loved ones. Many assisted living centers and nursing homes have their own “memory care” wings. These special care centers are designed to help residents live safely and comfortably, surrounded by people who are looking out for their best interest.

Memory care facilities are becoming increasingly popular around Lubbock and the rest of the United States. They often incorporate safe, natural settings like courtyards and gardens outside in a safe, walled complex. Caretakers focus on providing activities that will help the patient build routines and make mental connections that they might not otherwise be able to make.

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s, of course. You cannot expect a senior who moves into a Lubbock Alzheimer’s care facility to be cured. You can, however, expect them to be well taken care of, and you can expect to be as much a part of the process as you want to be.

Lubbock Alzheimer’s Care facilities

Are you in need of an Alzheimer’s / Memory Care facility in or around Lubbock? Here are just a couple ideas to consider:

Emeritus at Quail Ridge

5204 Elgin Avenue
Lubbock, TX 79413

The staff at Emeritus at Quail Ridge will try to “join the journey” of a person and family dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. They will work closely with you in understanding the stages and care needed in the right season. This is a full service, twenty-four hour care facility.

Wilshire Place

6410 Erskine
Lubbock, TX 79416
Phone: 806-793-1616

Wilshire Place hass a less traditional approach to memory care. They can accomodate people at early to late stages of demential, but they can do it in a residential care environment. The care is still all encompassing, however. Call for more details.

There are other options, of course. To look for other assisted living homes in and around the Lufkin area, enter your information at the top of your screen.


Understanding Texas Assisted Living

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Why Choose Assisted Living in The First Place?

Assisted Living facilities, in their most basic form, are elderly care communities. They come in many different forms, but there are some pretty standard characteristics. For example, assisted living facilities, unlike nursing homes, provide ways for their residents to remain independent. Nursing home patients need around the clock care, so nurses are always nearby. But that is not the case here. Assisted living residents are not usually fighting diseases.

The lines between types of care are blurring more and more. The current trend in senior care is that assisted living homes are doing more of what nursing homes used to do–caring for a patient’s daily needs. They want their resident’s independence to remain in check, but they also need a helping hand with ADL’s, or Activities for Daily Living.

Activities for Daily Living?

What activities? Basic ones that young people hardly ever think twice about. Things like bathing, getting dressed, going to the bathroom. Things like transportation, taking medicine, and eating meals. When aging seniors start to lose muscle mass and control, they need someone to be with them to give them a helping hand.

Assisted Living facilities provide help with these ADL’s for all of their residents who need it. For example, they almost always offer meal services. Most of them give three hot meals per day. They also provide transportation for shopping, doctor appointments, and scheduled social events. In fact, social outings have become a center piece of the assisted living lifestyle. Most will not need help bathing or toileting, but if they do, the staff is there to assist them. And in general, residents love to have housekeeping assistance as well.

Independence and Simplification

Residents of these facilities usually are those that want to maintain independence. They have lived in their own homes for years, and they have never had to rely on other people to do everything. This kind of life is not really possible in a nursing home where there is a maximum level of oversight. In assisted living, residents are encouraged to do whatever they want to do on their own, and take advantage of whatever services they require. It is a lifestyle of simplification, not helplessness. They simplify by getting rid of complicated, labor intensive chores such as housekeeping, cooking and lawn maintenance. That means there is more time for having fun.

But there is an extra benefit of this lifestyle that many seniors find out only after they move in: the friendship factor. These facilities are filled with peers, after all–other seniors who are in the same boat as they are. And because they are living in community, they end up spending a lot of time together at meals, social outings, and in-home activities. These peers often end up becoming dear friends, and making the entire transition process very enjoyable.

The Cost of Assisted Living

There are so many options involved with Texas assisted living. Some facilities, of course, are more opulent than others. There are some that are defined by the type of amenities that surround them. For example, some facilities are situated near golf courses for more active seniors. These types of facilities are more like retirement centers than assisted living facilities. These types of active communities are generally far more expensive.

But generally, the price will depend on the size of the apartment and the specific ADL’s that the senior requires. If he needs help bathing, for example, he can expect to pay far more than someone who simply needs help remembering to take his medication.

All in all, assisted living is generally much more affordable than nursing home life or full time home care. According to a recent Met Life report, assisted living typically costs around $3,200 per month–about 1/3 the cost of a nursing home. The difference is this: nursing homes generally accept Medicare or Medicaid, while assisted living facilities almost never do. And for Texans, this figure is likely to be lower than the national average. Texas, after all, has the most inexpensive nursing care in the country, and it’s assisted living costs are also very reasonable.

Finding a Texas Assisted Living facility

Are you looking for an assisted living facility for you or an aging loved one? There are many, many excellent communities to chose from. Whether you need a artsy community in downtown Dallas, or a rural setting in New Braunfels, we can help you find the TX Assisted Living home you need. All you need to do is use the widget at the top of this page to search for housing in your city. When you see a list of facilities, you can request an information packet from as many places as interest you. So go ahead and take a look!


Senior Fitness in Texas

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Physicians, psychologists, scientists all agree: regular exercise is essential for excellent physical and mental health whether you are 5 or 95. Many Texas seniors struggle with the fact that their physical abilities and strength are rapidly fading with each passing year, but regular exercise, healthy diet, a comprehensive wellness program, and medical guidance can not only maintain but improve overall health dramatically. Medicine has shifted strongly from traditional corrective and repair measures toward illness-prevention tactics and wellness maintenance. Senior fitness plays a key role in this shift.

The number of fitness businesses and programs that have been started up in the past ten years is astronomical, yet many Texas seniors are still unaware of the many exercise options available to them. More frequently now, even smaller towns may boast a Gold’s Gym, Curves, or Bally Total Fitness just around the corner. Many of these franchises are carving out a niche that appeals to the growing numbers of Baby Boomers: senior-specific exercise classes, morning hours with gentler music appealing to more mature ears. Seniors-only fitness centers are cropping up all across the nation as well offering tai chi, gentle yoga, pilates, a more welcoming atmosphere, and the conversation and companionship of fellow health enthusiasts of a similar age.

More and more personal trainers are working with an increasingly older population who are concerned about not only maintaining their current level of fitness, but also improving overall health and strength. Personal trainers provide one-on-one instruction unique to each client’s needs and abilities, paving a suitable and optimal workout. Personal trainers may also discuss essential nutrition and healthy diet. All seniors should check with their doctor before beginning an excise and diet regime.

Texercise is a program of the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) that provides nutrition and health maintenance information. Texercise also links Texas seniors to health and fitness events and programs in their area specifically designed for them. Many Texas communities offer senior fitness programs such as Body Recall and Silver Sneakers, providing gentle exercise for seniors of varying abilities and strengths.

Texas seniors are finding community and comradery while maintaining and improving their health by forming running or walking groups, taking senior community classes such as water aerobics, ballroom dancing, tai chi, yoga, and pilates. For those Texas seniors who prefer to exercise without feeling like they’re exercising, participating regularly in an enjoyable active hobby such as golfing or gardening can provide great health benefits as well. Whether the goal is to improve posture, avoid falls, lower cholesterol, prevent osteoporosis, or alleviate joint pain, Texas seniors are taking their doctor’s advice about the importance of regular exercise seriously and becoming proactive about their health and wellness.

Fortunately, many assisted living residents have fitness programs or special exercise rooms for seniors to get in shape. Some retirement communities have an entire fitness center right there on location. You can search for senior homes to find these amenities, from Washington independent living to Assisted Living FL by entering your information in the box provided.


Mother’s Day

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This Mother’s Day instead of visiting your mother in the nursing home, take her out somewhere for lunch, a movie/play, or just out for a walk in the park. I’m sure she would really love to get out and spend some quality time with you. Plan an outing ahead of time. Make reservations to a nice restaurant. Buy tickets to a play or a symphony. Check the forecast to see if it will be a nice day to go to the park.

If your mother can’t leave the facility that she is at, bring something special to her. Bring her flowers or better yet bring her a pretty plant that won’t quickly wilt but will liven up the room. Bring her a card and have everyone sign it including the kids. Have the kids make a card. What’s a better gift than something made by the grandkids?

Enjoy Mother’s Day with your mother!


Religious Scams

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Do you have a loved one that has been victimized into a religious scam or has been guilted into giving money to someone who says he is God’s prophet? I’m sad to say that I’ve seen many people, especially the elderly fall victim to such scams. Whether it was a TV evangelist or a crazy screaming false prophet, I’m sure it got under your skin that they got money out of your loved one.

I met one of these false prophets in Tyler, TX. His name is Richard W. Hayes. Richard W. Hayes claims he is a prophet of God and that God relays information to him about people in the audience. He yells into his microphone and puts his hands on peoples foreheads. He claims that he preforms miracles when people start shaking. At the end of the service, Richard W. Hayes guilts people into paying him money. He claims that God will pay your bill and reward you when you “have faith”. By having faith he means giving him your money. Richard W. Hayes is a liar and a thief that preys on the elderly and he must be stopped. Richard W. Hayes has tricked many elderly people over TV, the radio, and at tent revivals into giving him their money. Don’t let Richard W. Hayes or any other religious scammers take money away from your loved ones.

TV and Radio Evangelist in Texas

TV and Radio Evangelist in Texas


Elder Care in Tyler Texas

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Violations in Elder Care Facilities

Tyler Texas continues to grow and new elder care facilities have sprouted up. Keep in mind when choosing an elder care facility that you have different levels of care facilities. There are level A, B, C facilities. The Texas government provides a very handy resource that rates these elder care facilities so you can determine how many state violations they may have been involved in. A common violation in elder care facilities are fire violations. Fire violations are taken for granted because they hardly ever result in an actual death but those fire rules were put into place for a reason. Every once in awhile you will here on the news how an elder care facility, bar, or club will go up in smoke and kill multiple people.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Facility

One of the decisions most neglected when considering the facility to place a parent is the location. Your parent will want more then anything to have visitors. If you are another relative does not live in or around Tyler Texas I would recommend reconsidering placing your parent here. It would be better to have your parent in an elder care facility near where you live so you can come visit more often. Your parent will be greatful to taking location into consideration.


Working Together

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Staff members, even when there is a good ratio of staff and residents, can get overwhelmed with their jobs. If you are a care worker communicate with your coworkers and employer any concerns you might have with your job. Also encourage other care workers that work along side of you. It’s not a one man show. Communication doesn’t just mean complaints or demands. Comunicate with your coworkers when there is a shift change. When you come in to work ask if there are any new duties (i.e. Mr. Williams doctor prescribed him some new medication that he needs to be reminded of before he goes to bed, or Ms. Johnson had a fall and needs her dinner brought to her room). When leaving your shift make sure you don’t leave a job half done and make the next shift aware of any changes. Always look into someone’s eyes when he/she is speaking and repeat back what has been communicated so that it is understood. If we would communicate, work together and everyone do their part there would be a lower turn over in care staff.

 If a fellow care worker calls in sick do not become angry and wonder if he/she is faking but at the same time voice to your employer that you can’t always “pick up the slack”. There should be a call-in care worker for such cases. There is no reason that you should have to continue to work double shifts. There may be emergency cases that you will have to work a double shift. On the other hand if you are sick you should give as much notice as possible to your employer. Do not come to work as a care attendant/CNA sick. You cannot be caring for the elderly that have low immune systems when you are contageous.

Be honest and encouraging to your co-workers.

“his work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each man’s work.” 

 -I Corinthians 3:13